Sensory Analyst Questionnaire

General Information
Contact Details
Email Address
Mobile Phone
What days of the week are you normally available for work?
What time of the day are you available?
The nature of this work means that it is impossible to predict how many hours of work are available each week.
Keeping that in mind, what are the minimum hours you would need to work per week?
Are you generally in good health?
Do you suffer from any conditions that would limit your ability to taste foods?
Do you have any food intolerances, food allergies, medical conditions or take any medication which place a restriction on what foods or beverages you can consume?
About You
What age bracket describes you?
Do you smoke, use eCigarettes or similar?
Which of these statements best describe you?
Are you on restricted diet (eg vegetarian) for any reason? If yes, please give a reason
About Food
Name a spice that would be added to make a curry extra hot What is your favourite meat?
If you don't like meat, state 'none'
In four words, describe your favourite food
Which of the following foods would you expect to have the most flavour?
About Beverages
Are you a tea/coffee drinker?
Outside of tea/coffee, what would be your favourite beverage to drink?